Pre-Tan: Prior to apply Mar Tan, exfoliate and balance pH of the skin. Using a cloth or pumice stone, remove all debris and dead skin, allowing for greater adhesion of tan. Soap is useful, but you MUST remove ALL of it before applying your tan; otherwise, the chemicals can impact the pH of your skin, and change your color. Do not apply deodorant before or after using Contest Color; as it raises the skin’s pH, turning your armpits green. Remove any remaining body hair via shaving, as this too helps with exfoliation of the skin, but once your tan is applied can be damaging.

Base Coat / Night Before Contest: In a cold and well-ventilated setting, generously apply two layers of Mar Tan, Contest Color. Prevent excessive sweating with proper airflow and a cool room temperature. Minimizing sweat allows the color to settle in the skin, rather than run-off. Some like to leave the face alone this coat, applying only on the day of the show or shoot.

After shaking well, apply a thick layer of Contest Color evenly from head to toe. Keep the fine mist bottle between ~6-12 inches distance, using a well-rinsed cloth to touch up any spots where color may run. The first-layer will be relatively light in color and should dry quickly.Mar Tan_bodybuilding_NPC_IFBB

When the first layer has completely dried, apply another heavy layer of Contest Color. The second layer should immediately be much denser in color than the 1st by itself. As long as this is your base coat, some blotching / minor running is acceptable if all parts have color on them. Allow this 2nd layer to dry fully; at this point, you can make any touch ups or add further layers as needed. This completes the base coat.

This coat must sit a minimum of 2.5 hours, avoiding contact with fabrics, etc. as much as possible, as they may absorb the color or have detergents that alter color. After 2.5-3.5 hours, you can take a light-rinse; it is also acceptable to sleep in the formula, however, after 8 hours it serves little-added benefit. Either way, once a base coat is established a light-rinse is okay. Again, do not use soaps for your rinse, and be cautious with towels that may draw some of the color or have detergents that impact pH. Though a rinse isn’t required, if you know you have another coat on contest day it is optimal, as it saturates the skin and allows a new layer to settle better.

Contest Coat / Show Day: Using the same techniques as the Base Coat, apply another two layers of Mar Tan’s Contest Color. Again, letting the 1st layer completely dry before applying a 2nd. After the 2nd layer has completely dried, your tan should be stage ready, and you may put on clothing.

Backstage: If needed, make any touch-ups (should be minimal,) and allow them to dry fully. Once satisfied with the tan, you can apply Mar Tan’s Contest Sheen. Spray a light layer directly on the skin, each spray a few inches apart, using a rag or fingers to ‘dab’ Sheen with small slap/taps, to evenly disperse the posing oil.

Remember; Sheen not shine. While you want a proper amount of oil to maximize presentation of your physique, an excess can lead to a ‘drenched’ look.

Directions For Dream Tan
  1. Both products can be used with a Mar Tan base coat.
  2. Apply sparingly with finger tips and spread evenly.
  3. Apply a thinner coat to the face area, as your face should be lighter than the rest of your physique.
  4. If more color is needed, apply another light layer. Prepare to possibly make touch ups before on stage.
  5. Avoid contact with anything before going on stage, if you do, apply another light layer, then apply Posing Sheen.

Bostin Loyd_Mar Tan_Spray Tan_Posing Oil