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Mar Tan products are designed specifically for bodybuilding, physique, figure, & bikini competitions. Contest Color is our spray tan & Contest Sheen our organic posing oil. If you are looking for a competition spray tan designed by bodybuilders for the extremes of the stage:

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In addition to our Contest Color (Spray Tan) & Contest Sheen (Organic Posing Oil), We are one of the largest retailers of Dream Tan around the globe. Both Red & Gold Dream Tan formulas are available in our store. As well, we have Super Tan from Australia.




Because the lights on stage are very bright, our Contest Color consists of a deep / rich brown cosmetic formula, in-combination with other dark tones that look great under the stage lights. When properly applied (click here for our guide on how to tan) Contest Color can be used as both a base and contest coat. Our spray tan dyes a layer of the skin & establishes a base coat for competitors, which can then be complimented with a contest coat.


Many other tanning companies utilize low quality dyes, often using formulas primarily consisting of caramel coloring. In moderation caramel dyes can positively impact a spray tan’s color, hence there’s a slight amount in Mar Tan. But because caramel color is cheap & inherently light in comparison to the deeper colors it’s replacing, many tan companies use it to the point of excess, which results in a sticky tan that is too light and needs to be overly-layered to establish a base. Because Mar Tan so deep in color and quick to dry, it won’t leave you sticky unlike your competition.


Contest Sheen is our organic posing oil that made of Jojoba, Grape, & Hemp seed oils. It’s easy to apply & keeps the skin hydrated while highlighting muscle. This formula gives competitors a unique ‘pop’ as  demonstrated below by IFBB professional bodybuilder, Keith Williams.

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Mar Tan, Spray Tan, bodybuilding, IFBB
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